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Cochesett Church is a very diversified family type setting church. Open hearts, Open minds, and Open doors are the Methodist ways of inviting others to learn and experience the love of Christ. We are enriched with the blessings of experiencing God across a beautiful canvas of culture, age, education, and ethnicity. We strengthen each other in and through Jesus Christ. Together we do this thing called Life, seeking to experience and share the peace of salvation with each other and the world around us. 

Come as you are..... and feel the welcome of a small passion filled community church. No matter where you are in your spirtiual path you will always find someone to walk with at Cochesett. Come as you are..... leave feeling better than when you arrived. Life is better when done together ~  

our pastor:
Pastor Jin-Jong Lee

office: 508-587-0668

cell:    903-280-5902

About us

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